​ 作品はすべてジクレーと呼ばれる高細密印刷で、額装したまま保存しておくと80年は褪色しないと言われています。

Life is not a single relationship. Me and others, me and society, me and nature, me and time, me and future, me and history, me and culture. Various things are involved and make everyday. Of course, there are relationships that are not yet known, and they suddenly appear as various phenomena, giving me new emotions and feelings. It's a very exciting moment. It's like a scene from a movie and a valuable map of life. I want to express this moment as impressively as possible.
All works are printed in high-precision printing called Giclee, and it is said that if you keep them framed,
they will not fade for 80 years.Art adds color to life.How about your office or home wall?

【About Tomomi Sato】


Tomomi Sato was born in Saitama, Japan in 1970. She spent her childhood in Fukuoka, Nagoya, Yokohama. She was a quiet child who like reading books and drawing pictures. She got influenced by Munch during puberty. In 1988, entered the department of oil painting at Musashino Art University. She looked for the core of her art works and read various books such as philosophy, literature and psychology at the library. She could not accept traditional oil painting classical techniques, She also thought about the necessity of human experience as an artist, after graduating from Art University She got a job at an advertising production company as a graphic designer. After that, in the work as a designer, she learned MAC and graphic software operating techniques.
In 2000, She became independent freelance graphic designer. Besides design work, writing novels and making illustration , and started to making digital art from 2005. She currently has participating exhibitions in Japan and abroad.

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